Increase Your Search Performance with a Simple Content Audit

The days of on-page keyword stuffing and keyword targeted anchor text spam are gone. As SEOs, we can no longer churn out mediocre content and expect good results, especially in hyper competitive verticals. So what is the answer? Do we scale up outreach? Expand each page? Do we just need more content? Better content? A different type of content? If you’re anything like me, you’ve done a lot of content audits. You’ve stacked your content … [Read more...]

(not provided) and SEO: What The Experts Are Saying

(not provided)

First, a brief history of Google's secure search: The History of (not provided) May 21, 2010 – Google launches SSL Beta, blocking third party data access while emphasizing that it still collects its own data from SSL searches. October 18. 2011 – Google makes secure search the default setting for logged in users. October 28, 2011 – ClickConsult launches, which publicly tracks the percentage of (not provided) keyword … [Read more...]

Why RSS is My Most Indispensable SEO Tool (And A List of Feeds You Can’t Miss)


I’ve been working as an SEO for a few years now, and it still amazes me how quickly things can change. This time last year we were seeing EMDs being devalued (good news for real SEOs), the first Penguin updates, and some page layout changes in Google’s algorithm- all within a 30 day window. Things were changing drastically, and they’ve continued to change on an almost daily basis. Keeping up with best practices is practically a full-time job … [Read more...]

Know Everything About Your Competition’s Content Strategy in 5 Minutes

Know everything about your competitions content in 5 minutes

SEOs have varying opinions on how important competitive intelligence is to a great marketing campaign. Some marketers just create the content they think is valuable and forget the competition. Some people are copycats. Others use the competition as a form of inspiration. Personally, I want to know everything I possibly can about the competition- especially the things they don’t want me to know. I want to understand how and why they make every … [Read more...]

7 Sneaky IFTTT Recipes for SEOs

IFTTT recipes for SEOs

IFTTT is an incredibly powerful tool for SEOs, social media managers, and internet marketers of all kinds. It connects tons of services and has hundreds of different triggers and actions. It allows you to automate tons of processes that would otherwise require hours of manual action. Organizational, stalking, and analysis potential galore! Here are a few of the recipes I use. 1. Buffer -> Evernote Do you ever create roundup posts where you … [Read more...]

11 SEO Tools I Use Every Day


SEOs love their tools! Tweaking out on pie charts, Excel spreadsheets, and plugins until the wee hours of the morning. We all have our preferences, but these are just a few of the SEO tools I use every day. 1. SEOBook Plugin (Firefox) The SEOBook plugin for Firefox does a ton of things for you, but most importantly it gives you link data from more sources than any other plugin, including: Google (Page … [Read more...]

Google’s Matt Cutts Discusses Panda Recovery in New Video

(not provided)

Google's Matt Cutts posted a video today answering the question of what to do when you think your site has been hit by Panda. Interesting timing considering the recent volatility of SERPs! A lot of SEOs have been busy de-optimizing content, removing redundant topics, cleaning up mistakes, and doing their best to improve the quality of their content. It's been well documented that Google has previously updated or 'refreshed' the Panda … [Read more...]

Highly Targeted Panda Recovery


The recent ongoing Panda refresh/update has a lot of SEOs scrambling to de-optimize menu anchor text, thin content, and fix spammy tactics. But what if you’ve been hit with a penalty and you’re not sure why? We had a client recently who got an unnatural inbound link warning because of some old links that were built 3-4 years ago by another agency, so when we saw a sharp decrease in traffic we assumed that these links were being devalued and … [Read more...]

A Painless Guide to Recovering from a Panda Penalty

Recovering from a Panda Penalty

No more stuffed sidebars. No more creating thousands of contextual links with the same anchor text. No more full screen footers. For (most) professional SEOs, this is old news. This isn’t a guide to what the Panda update was or how it works. This is a guide to taking on a new site (hopefully you weren't the one who screwed it up!), cleaning it up, and getting it performing again in the quickest and most effective way possible. Luckily, … [Read more...]